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Why should students
in Lebanon join The Duke
of Edinburgh’s
International Awards?

Though it is not a mandatory part of our curriculum, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is an utmost, excellent and rare privilege for students at our Beirut private school. Under this scheme, they can receive international recognition for their personal development, based on interests they possess. We can’t say enough good things about it.

By ‘pushing’ themselves, participants can learn that they like something they never thought of doing before. That could turn into a new, joyous hobby, or even a career choice.

Some claim that having a Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award on your resume is an added value when seeking university placements or jobs. It certainly is a conversation-starter. It also shows that the applicant is a self-starter, has had dynamic experiences and has worked in a team setting outside of school already.

Participating in the Award instills focus, drive, stamina, and accomplishment. It teaches young people that they can make their dreams come true, if they work towards it. And that starts with the small, practical, time-consuming steps. It also demands the experience of trying, failing, and trying again. It means less time wasted on unproductive habits. We believe any well-rounded individual should learn this life lesson as early as possible, in order to be successful (at anything).

The program also has a strong physical fitness component to it. In addition to learning how to manage their time with school work and social lives, high schoolers keep active in a conscious, calculated way. This promotes living a healthy lifestyle no matter what, starting at an early age.

Finally, the leadership and teamwork skills obtained through the Adventurous Journeys are exceptional. The teens learn to manage on their own, in a group, during a camping and hiking trip (with adults nearby, but out of sight).

There are few places where kids can do all of the above and be recognized for it with an award. By running the program for our Lebanese students, they get their achievements merited by the Foundation’s get their achievements merited by the Foundation’s office in England And in Lebanon, it is only open to Eastwood International School enrollees.

Participating in the Award instills focus, drive, stamina, and accomplishment.
It teaches young people that they can make their dreams come true, if they work towards it.

Academic Excellence

Is The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
part of your school’s curriculum? Do all students have to do it?

No. This program is entirely elective, and must be completed outside school hours (per the requirements of the foundation).

In reality, we usually only get a handful of participants. Though we’d love for this number to grow, it is noteworthy to point out that completing the program shows strength of character and time management skills that not many possess, or desire to learn (so, it is worth applauding).

Still, apart from the camping trip, acceptable goals can be as small as learning how to cook, or taking martial arts classes; it’s far from impossible! We believe anyone can do it.

You can read more the Duke of Edinburgh Awards here.
Benefits of the Duke Of Edinburgh International Award | EIS
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