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How we became a pioneering IB school in Beirut, and what it means for you

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Our American school in Beirut has gone through multiple, rigorous accreditation processes. We believe these third-party studies prove that we are among the best English schools in Lebanon.


Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQS)

Will I be able to attend universities in Lebanon after completing the American high school diploma in Beirut? Is it recognized by the Lebanese Ministry of Education for high school graduation?
Yes, students graduating from the American high school diploma program can app ly to universities both in Lebanon and abroad.

Will I still be able to take the SAT, SAT II, TOEFL, or other internationally-recognized exams?
Students in our American high school diploma program (at both the Mansourieh and Kafarshima campuses) should be able to pass the SAT based on material they learn in their Math and English courses.
Our students are also required to sit this exam in order to graduate. We administer the SAT at our school.

If you need the extra help, Eastwood offers a voluntary, after-school SAT course.

Other exams you may be interested in taking, such as SAT ll or TOEFL, would need to be pursued on your own, outside of school time.

Do American school kids take Physical Education courses?
Physical Education is a requirement with our American school program until Grade 9. Afterwards, students between Grades 10 and 12 may choose to take Visual Arts in place of Physical Education.

Will taking the American high school diploma program count for any university course credits?
The American high school diploma we offer in Lebanon does not offer university credits, However, if you switch to the IB program by Grade 11, and successfully graduate with an IB Diploma, you will be able to skip your first year of university. Your freshman year will be considered complete, and you will begin at the sophomore level.

If you take some IB Diploma courses, without being the full program, some universities may accept these courses as credits. You will need to research on your own to find out if this is the case with the institution you wish to attend. Of course, you can always speak to one of our school counsellors, and we can help you with this research.

In addition, our school also offers the following extra-curricular activities to encourage physical education:
• Participation in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, which includes physical activity with camping and hiking.

• An after-school football team.

• Quarterly hiking adventures and occasional Saturday bike trips.

• Yearly “snow camp.”
We also do mindfulness exercises weekly.

Do I have to wear a uniform?
At Eastwood International School, our American program students wear a mandatory school t-shirt and sweatshirt. Students can chose the color of the hoodies that are available. They may wear the bottoms (pants, jeans, sweat pants, knee-length skirts) they prefer (leggings are not allowed).
If you've recently relocated to Lebanon, we built a guide for you!

So you’re new in Lebanon, or you’re considering making the move to this extraordinary country, and you want to know the ins and outs of how to make the most out of life here. Or, perhaps you’re looking to gain an understanding of how the systems that are in place here work. Either way, let Eastwood International School's Expat Guide help you start off on the right foot.

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Eastwood International School (EIS) views education as a science. Its philosophy is inspired by the vast body of research and the scienti?cally proven educational methodologies, which contribute to the advancement of students’ intellectual capabilities and to the ampli?cation of their holistic engagement in the learning experiences.

Out of lunch ideas? Or too pressed for time? We've got healthy options for everyone.

Eastwood offers affordably priced, flexible meal plan packages to suit your family's needs throughout the academic year. We also have a cafeteria where students can purchase affordably priced simple sandwiches, healthy snacks, fruit juices, iced tea, and bottled water.

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