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Health, Safety and Security

Nurse and Nurse's Office

The campus has a nurse's office staffed by a full-time registered nurse every day. The nurse's office is equipped with a medical stretcher trolley and private bathroom to ensure student privacy and comfort concerning medical issues.
The nurse's office maintains meticulous records of student medical needs and visits to the nurse's office on a private, internal computer system, ensuring that your child’s medical information remains secure.

Cleaning and Pest Control

Eastwood maintains a full-time custodial staff. The custodial staff cleans the classrooms and outdoor areas of the campus each morning prior to the arrival of students and faculty and at the end of each school day after students and faculty depart.
The custodial staff is also present throughout the day to maintain the cleanliness of the bathrooms and hallways and attend to custodial needs as they arise.

Safety and Security

A campus-wide alarm system is installed for use in the event of a fire or other situation requiring the emergency evacuation of the building and grounds.
Eastwood conducts regular maintenance of the system and tests the system twice annually during emergency evacuation drills. Fire extinguishers are located in easily accessible areas and are regularly replaced. The Eastwood campus is gated and secure, with our entrance overseen by a security caretaker and a closed circuit security camera system. Classrooms and common areas are also equipped with cameras for student safety and security.
Coding + Tech Program: Integrated into our curriculum

Educational programs world-wide have been integrating computer programming in all levels of school curricula, but only a few schools offer a fully integrated Design and Technology program that not only teaches computer programming skills but also the entirety of the design cycle of a brand and product.

Interested in enrolling your children in after-school activities?

We understand the importance of fostering your children's passion for music, dance, or science. At EIS, every term we propose activities to complement your children's educational journey.

EIS Early Years: The Reggio Emilia Program

The Reggio Emilia Approach is an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education which values the child as strong, capable and resilient; rich with wonder and knowledge.
The value of quality, developmentally appropriate early childhood education cannot be overstated. Children who receive high-quality education in their early years reap benefits in their cognitive and social development, and in the development of their language skills and thinking skills in both the short-term and long term.

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