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Oh the food! One of the highlights of living in Lebanon is most certainly the gastronomical variety that is so deeply embedded in the culture. There are innumerable places to try all the flavors that this country has to offer. A few highlighted restaurants to check out in Beirut are Te Marbouta, Mezyan, and Em Nazih. On Fridays, Em Nazih features live Arabic music, but make sure to take a reservation because these places are also some of the favorites of locals and tend to fill up quickly! For a quieter and more high-end experience, you can try Enab in Gemmayze or Em Sherif located in Downtown Beirut, after which you can enjoy a nice walk in Zaytouna Bay where the Le Yacht Club is located.

One thing that may be different for individuals coming from North America is the task of asking for the check. Unlike in North America, waiters do not ask you if you’re ready for the check. This comes from the idea of making sure that you do not feel rushed and that you enjoy your experience. When you are ready for the check, it is common to signal to the waiter with a polite hand or an index finger in the air. Once the waiter acknowledges you, you can simple say check. You may observe others using a hand gesture in the air as if they are signing an invisible piece of paper while saying the word “check” (haseb in Arabic). As for tipping, it’s customary to leave a tip equal to 10% of the bill, though many individuals choose to leave a slightly bigger tip at high-end restaurants.
Did you know we offer the PYP in French?

Eastwood offers the PYP in French due to the significance of the French language to Lebanon’s history, culture, and present day affairs, and due to the rise and growth of French on the global stage. Speaking one of the leading languages of business, education, science, technology, commerce and trade is a form of power and access to greater opportunity, and we aim to provide that power and opportunity to students.

A world class education for everyone

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Did you know we offer mindfulness classes starting in nursery?

Students at Eastwood learn and engage in mindfulness practices in forty-minute sessions twice a week with a certified mindfulness educator. Learn more about our new program.

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