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Leading by Example - Eastwood International School


What Eastwood has to Offer: A Brief Overview


Our main goal as an educational institution is to create an empowering and safe environment for our students, faculty, and staff to prosper in and to call home. Our school, which we perceive as a family, is one of the very few schools in Lebanon that cater for diversity in its various aspects: academically, personally, socially, economically, and culturally. Fortunately, we have been succeeding in providing our members with rich learning opportunities and instilling a sense of love and dedication to their daily endeavors at school.


 Additionally, Eastwood International School has a variety of programs and curricula to offer. Our students can enroll in the English section or the French one. They can pursue the International Baccalaureate Program, the American Program, or the Lebanese Program. We also have a special educational program for the Special Rights students. Among our curricula, we include sessions for mindfulness and yoga, coding, and physical computing and the raspberry pi project. Thankfully, with the combined efforts of all our faculty and staff, we have been efficaciously delivering these curricula, and student participation and achievement attest that.


In doing so, we aim to move beyond the mediocre and to wholeheartedly advance toward the betterment of our student body, which, in turn, will add value to the improvement of our society. In this regard, at Eastwood International School, we commit to helping students grow into leaders who are adamant about actively contributing to the world.



Credits to the Leadership Style


The state, we are in and hope to achieve, is only made possible with the style of leadership we employ.


We believe that a leader’s approach and style is imperative in ensuring the success of any institution. The leader’s role incorporates guiding the institution and urging the contribution and involvement of all its members in an effort to attain the set mission and vision.


At Eastwood International School, we are transformational leaders. We rely heavily on communication and collaboration to connect to our community. Our goals and objectives are clearly set and communicated. Our ongoing support and recognition are imperative in guaranteeing motivation and commitment to the tasks. We hope to always act as agents of change and positively impact our community.


To maintain this sense of leadership, which has proven to be one of the most influential leadership styles to-date, we follow four simple rules:


  1. We lead by example and practice what we preach.

    As transformational leaders, we try to connect with our members and build relationships that are based on mutual trust and respect. We also show them that they are not in this alone, as we partake and assist in various school activities. Essentially, it is our collective efforts that make things happen. In participating, modeling desired behaviors, and meeting our institution’s objectives, we try to establish a sense of confidence from our community.

  2. We inspire and motivate.

    Before undertaking tasks, we communicate and justify our purpose. It is crucial that our members understand what our goals are and how they are of benefit to Eastwood, in general, and to their self-development, in particular. Our objectives are tangible and achievable. We welcome them with optimism and view them as challenges to excel. Consequently, and, throughout the process, we continue to inspire and to motivate.

  3. We intellectually stimulate and challenge our members.

    At Eastwood, we do not tell our members what to do. We call for innovative thinking and proactive decision-making. Every Eastwood-er is encouraged to solicit his/her own ideas without the fear of being negatively critiqued.

  4. We celebrate efforts.

    Efforts and achievements are continuously recognized and celebrated. We do believe that recognition is a prime motivator to self-development and to the development of Eastwood, as a whole.



On a final note, through employing this leadership style, we hope not to create followers but to create more leaders. Collaboration, communication, and coordination are the core of our mission. We aim to keep inspiring, motivating, and influencing our Eastwood family, so we can embrace change and be the change we want to see in the world.


EIS Early Years: The Reggio Emilia Program

The Reggio Emilia Approach is an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education which values the child as strong, capable and resilient; rich with wonder and knowledge.
The value of quality, developmentally appropriate early childhood education cannot be overstated. Children who receive high-quality education in their early years reap benefits in their cognitive and social development, and in the development of their language skills and thinking skills in both the short-term and long term.

Did you know we offer the PYP in French?

Eastwood offers the PYP in French due to the significance of the French language to Lebanon’s history, culture, and present day affairs, and due to the rise and growth of French on the global stage. Speaking one of the leading languages of business, education, science, technology, commerce and trade is a form of power and access to greater opportunity, and we aim to provide that power and opportunity to students.

Did you know we offer mindfulness classes starting in nursery?

Students at Eastwood learn and engage in mindfulness practices in forty-minute sessions twice a week with a certified mindfulness educator. Learn more about our new program.

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