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Life-long Learners - Eastwood International school


When it comes to learning, the process never stops. The experiences we come across always add a certain value to our already established perceptions of the world and its daily endeavors. Particularly, in school settings, those experiences are invaluable in shaping classroom dynamics, teacher-student relationships, lesson planning and delivery, and administrative work, among other related tasks that are to be line with the school’s vision and mission.

At Eastwood International School, we strongly believe that learning is not only for students. In fact, administrators and educators account for a huge part of the learning processes, happening in and outside school. Consequently, they are continuously encouraged to participate in professional development opportunities. Eastwood supports their participation in every way possible. As a result of this involvement, we have established a network of professional and dedicated personnel.



Professional Development at School

Prior to the commencement of every school year, the Leadership Team at Eastwood International School conducts a needs assessment. The assessment includes a list of possible professional development experiences of which teachers and administrators can choose from. Based on those needs, Eastwood schedules enriching sessions on a weekly basis throughout the academic year. For educators, workshops directly support teaching of core subjects and cross-curricular learning. They also provide teachers with techniques and strategies to manage their classrooms in all aspects. For administrators, workshops introduce innovative ideas to be implemented for the betterment and development of the school, among other school-related, administrative topics.



Professional Development Outside School

Whenever new professional development opportunities are available, our teachers and administrators are keen on participating. Whether in Lebanon or abroad, we make sure that our personnel are present and are actively involved. Proudly, teachers, at Eastwood International School, are certified from international organizations and universities, such as Harvard University. They are also trained in the most prestigious programs, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Additionally, because we believe in collaboration and communication, educators, who have taken part in professional development opportunities outside school or abroad, share their newly acquired knowledge and skills with the entire school. We devote plenty of time to sharing practices and expertise.



Eastwood & Professional Development for Everyone

Eastwood also reaches out to the public and conducts free professional development opportunities for principals, educators, administrators, and parents that are not necessarily a part of the Eastwood community. Workshops tackle school-related topics and are delivered by professionals in the field. The sessions usually take place on Eastwood International School’s Mansourieh campus. They are free of charge and open for all. To check for upcoming opportunities, visit Eastwood’s website or its Instagram and Facebook pages.



Life-long Learning

Essentially, we are all meant to be life-long learners. There is always room for improvement, and there is always a lesson waiting to be learned. The more we know the better people we become.

And, eventually, we set examples for our kids. We need to show them that learning is the most treasured and divine practice that one could pursue.

John Dewey, an educational philosopher and reformer, once said that, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” With those words in mind, we urge you to continue your learning journeys, to read and write, and to discover what life still has in store.


Happy learning, always!

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