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Why does Beirut international school believe in conducting learning outside the classrooms?


Learning inside the classroom is an age-old method. However, students have the tendency to get bored or tired and can ignore the instructions given by their teachers. They love to spend most of the time either on social media or outside the classroom, close to nature. International schools in Lebanon take care of this fact that they adopt advanced methods of instruction for their pupils. They take in account a lot of different aspects while designing their curriculum, in which going on field trips are also included. So, moving learning to outside the classroom is a really interesting idea. International schools in Beirut take pupils on educational field trips to show them how what they are learning about in school fits into the real world. Showing students concrete ideas that tie in with the abstract discussions in class reinforces the student’s belief in what they are learning.  They can learn about diverse cultural settings, cooperation and leadership qualities.


Here are some of the benefits of conducting learning outside the classroom.


  1.  Students can learn about the environment, trees and the effects of human involvement in nature.
  2.  If taken to a factory or manufacturing unit, they can be aware of the intricate processes involved in manufacturing.
  3.  If taken to field trips, pupils can have a new experience.
  4.  Students can be introduced to new software and computer programs if they are taken to big computer labs.
  5. Visiting research centers can also be a new learning idea for them.
  6. Arranging a visit to different areas can prove a good life-skill lesson for learning.
  7. Arranging visits to museums, ancient sights can prove fruitful for learning about historical events. International schools in Beirut take children to museums so that they can learn about different cultures and religions.
  8. Going to music concerts or visiting a professional musician can evoke interest in music for a student.
  9. Going to a picnic can also be enjoyable for breaking the monotony of classroom learning.
  10.  Students can have a special bond with their facilitators while going outside whereas inside the classroom they might ignore his learning efforts. While moving out the facilitators also feel free to interact with learners in an informal way.

So, learning outside the classroom is really a great idea followed by top international schools in Lebanon.


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