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Why international schools in Beirut with IB Diploma train students to become risk-takers?


Here are some of the prominent benefits of risk training.


  • Risk-Taking stimulates Physical Wellness:

At schools that follow the IB curriculum, students are encouraged to not only succeed in their academic lives, but also to participate in activities that may take them out of their comfort zone. As the same principals are followed in all the three of the IB programmes, students are taught from an early age to never avoid a learning experience whether they come in the classroom or outside of school.


Such teachings encourage students to not be confined by their boundaries but instead to engage in several activities which can helps them grow.  


  • Escalates Emotional wellness:

Comfort zones are the worst centers of learning. In IB schools, teenagers are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones. This gives teenagers a chance to experience a series of events where they learn to adapt to challenges, take decisions, face failures, stop and start from scratch after a loss and enjoy victory after a lot of hard work. Ultimately, it helps teenagers to slowly gain control over their emotions.


  • Risk-taking strengthens social skills:

At Beirut International schools with IB diploma, a healthy atmosphere is promoted where students can communicate freely. Students are encouraged to work and communicate in different teams to enhance their confidence levels while talking to different students.

Apart from this, if teenagers are encouraged to take risks by overcoming their fears and insecurities relating to communication.


  • Risk-taking promotes the growth of students’ self-esteem:

Feeling good about oneself is a great achievement for teenagers. If students are put into situations where they might be uncomfortable often, they will have no option but to grow and will eventually see the change in themselves once they overcome adversity.


  • Encourages students to acquire and master new skills:

If teenagers are trained to be risk-takers, they don’t hesitate in taking on new roles; even if they are not fully comfortable with it. This is beneficial both inside the classroom and outside school.

Recently, at Beirut International school with IB Diploma, teenagers worked on a project together preparing 3D representations of atoms to be able to visualize it in person.

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