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How do the best IB schools in Lebanon foster open-minded students?


Open-mindedness is an important attribute to have and instill in all learners. Children in the best schools in Lebanon are submersed in a diverse classroom environment that isn’t only comprised of children of different nationalities or cultures but children of different mindsets, intellects and attitudes, and abilities.


To enable students to cope with the multiculturalism and other forms of diversity, and to make them achieve the benefits of growing in diverse environment, children at the Best IB schools are trained and encouraged to be open-minded.

Here are some of the reasons why the best schools that offer the IB curriculum promote and instill open-mindedness among their students:


●      Open-mindedness opens students’ minds from the limitations of their own knowledge:


Being open-minded facilitates a person’s internal freedom. This is why the trait is one of the prime constituents of the IB learner profile.

When children expand their tolerance and acceptance for things that are unfamiliar to them they set themselves free from the limits set by their previous learnings experiences and open themselves to wider knowledge and new, different experiences.


This characteristic proffers students to learn through a new lens that helps them to view the world in a different way.


●      Open-mindedness makes children more adaptive to changes:


Accepting or shaping oneself for change and changing oneself are one of the most difficult challenges we face in life. Those who learn to be adaptable may find themselves being more successful than those who don’t. Open-mindedness encourages children to be open to changes and to embrace adaptive behaviors which is imperative for learning.


The best IB schools in Lebanon train students to adopt such behavior and to have a positive attitude towards life.


●      Being open minded sets students on a journey of learning adventures:


Open-mindedness exposes students to a variety of new experiences and encourages them to take something from every experience. This open minded mindset allows children to learn and to acquire new knowledge about a new subject. When children are exposed to situations, they show an open perspective towards the experiences and add new elements to their learning.


●      Motivates students to make more mistakes and learn from them:


Mistakes make great learning opportunities. When children are limited to traditional knowledge and traditional learning, they fail to accept things that are out of the box. They become passive learners.


This is why the best IB schools in Lebanon train students to be flexible towards new things and ideas and to make mistakes to enrich the learning process.


●      Reinforces your knowledge and strengthens your personality:


Being open to learning and changes is a good way to live life. It strengthens the knowledge and overall personalities of individuals.


●      Other benefits:

●      Strengthens self-esteem

●      Instils honesty and acceptance in children.

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So you’re new in Lebanon, or you’re considering making the move to this extraordinary country, and you want to know the ins and outs of how to make the most out of life here. Or, perhaps you’re looking to gain an understanding of how the systems that are in place here work. Either way, let Eastwood International School's Expat Guide help you start off on the right foot.

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Did you know we offer the PYP in French?

Eastwood offers the PYP in French due to the significance of the French language to Lebanon’s history, culture, and present day affairs, and due to the rise and growth of French on the global stage. Speaking one of the leading languages of business, education, science, technology, commerce and trade is a form of power and access to greater opportunity, and we aim to provide that power and opportunity to students.

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