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Three Steps to Create a Culture of Learning at Eastwood International School


A Culture of Learning              


Undeniably, there is more to learning than educating the minds of our young. It is fairly simple to prepare a lesson whose sole purpose is to transfer information to students and to satisfy the basic curricular objectives. Creating a culture of learning is not limited to the acquisition of basic mathematical skills, reading strategies, or scientific facts, among others. In fact, education is far more challenging than that. It is a life-long process, which incorporates educating not just the minds, but the hearts, bodies, and souls. At Eastwood International School, we always work toward creating a culture of learning that fosters holistic development. We also wholeheartedly commit to better our society and ourselves.


How to Create a Culture of Learning


Creating and promoting a culture of learning is a challenging yet an invaluable experience. Below are the major steps we follow at Eastwood International School in order to endorse a culture of learning.


1.    Delivering various curricula and extracurricular activities 


The curricula provided at Eastwood International School are handpicked to suite our students developmental needs. They are focused on creating a culture of learning that provides students with enriching (and fun) experiences. Students take joy in engaging with those learning opportunities. We offer the IB (PYP/DP), Lebanese, and American curricula.


In addition, our students are encouraged to participate in other extracurricular activities, which include coding (link to the raspberry pi article), mindfulness (link to the mindful attention article), and the Duke of Edinburgh Program, among others.


Both, the curricular and extracurricular activities, work toward creating holistic learning experiences. Educators ensure that the lesson plans created target various 21st century skills. Consequently, students grow on personal and academic levels.


2.    Perceiving mistakes as learning opportunities


Maria Montessori (http://www.montessori.edu/maria.html), the founder of the Montessori method to teaching and learning, has accentuated the need to “cultivate a friendly feeling toward error, to treat it as a companion inseparable from our lives, as something having a purpose, which it truly has.”

Accordingly, at Eastwood International School, we are dedicated to viewing errs as learning facilitators and to perceiving them as opportunities for further growth. In doing so, we make sure that our environment follows the following criteria:



Our students are comfortable expressing their thoughts and ideas. They view the school as a platform to inquire about whatever comes to their mind.


Our students receive the support they need when seeking answers to their queries. Teachers act as supporters, facilitators, and guides.


Our students receive constructive feedback that focuses on strengths, potential points of improvement, and plans of action.


When provided with the abovementioned, students acknowledge that part of their learning entails making mistakes. It is only natural and necessary to undergo this process for deeper understanding of material. Once students feel at ease with this, a culture of learning is evident.


3.    Contributing to our society


What is the use of education if we cannot give back to our society? At Eastwood International School, we ensure that learning is worthwhile, not just to the students, but also to the society as a whole. Just recently, the third graders, as part of their Primary Years Program, collected a sum of money through fundraising projects to help paint Ouzville in Ouzaii (can we have the Facebook link here for pictures?). Moreover, earlier this month, our fifth graders participated in a beach clean up in Beirut. They used nets to sift through sand and collect garbage (can we do it here also?). Many more activities have been conducted throughout the years. Many more are in progress, too!


When students act as agents of change and actively contribute to their society, they develop a sense of responsibility. Alongside learning, students learn to give back, to be compassionate, and to provide better living conditions for everyone around them. In turn, this promotes a culture of learning!


Final Note on Creating a Culture of Learning


Other steps could be taken in order to ensure the successful implementation of a culture of learning, which include encouraging communication, seeking new opportunities, and collaborating toward a common goal. Whatever approach you decided to follow to foster a culture of learning keep in mind that education is a holistic process that moves beyond the boundaries of curricular objectives for “educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ~ Aristotle



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