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Why Choose Us?

Why take the IB-PYP at our private school,
and not another?

Before implementing the IB program for our high school students (our first phase in becoming a full IB school), Eastwood already embodied many of the values, concepts and ‘ways’ of the IB approach to education. This was noted in our week-long appraisal process, in which we received excellent commendations for our efforts and existing frame work

However, each organization - and even an individual teacher - is able to apply the core principles of elementary school curriculum in their own way. With that said, below are some of the ways in which we stand out as a school in Beirut:

Continuous teacher training and development It goes without saying that the professional training of a school’s teachers, as well as its leadership and culture, can undoubtedly have an impact on students’ experiences. Our own faculty receive up to 110 hours of professional development a year. They also participate in a ‘flat’ hierarchical management structure. This allows for idea-sharing and collaboration, which is also greatly encouraged. That is, teachers in the classroom have a ‘seat at the table’ when deciding on school policies.
Innovative school-wide teaching method, and a ‘think tank’ approach to education Eastwood International School has not only always been progressive in its ideology towards educational standards. It has also actively sought ways to bring its classrooms up-to-speed with the rest of the world. We do this beyond the requirements set forth by the International Baccalaureate Organization.

As an organization, we are not afraid of change. Yes, frequent change can disrupt the ‘norm.’ But without experimentation, and constant curiosity on the part of leadership, where would any school be today, or in the future? How can we remain effective when teaching our young children for tomorrow? We always keep the following thought in mind: we will be ‘releasing’ students into a world we’ll barely recognize 10 years from now. So, we have to stay ahead.
It goes without saying that the professional training of a school’s teachers, as well as its leadership and culture, can undoubtedly have an impact on students’ experiences.

What are some of the ways we stay ahead?

What are some of the ways we stay ahead?
In addition to becoming one of the first schools to implement the IB Diploma Program in Lebanon, and one of the first schools to implement the IB-PYP in French, we have achieved the following:

In 2011, we became accredited by the AdvancEDTM organization. The process thoroughly overhauled our form of governance. It changed our organization through many other facets, too. As a result, we scored in the top 1% out of 33,000 globally accredited institutions.

In 2014, we implemented a school-wide iPad program, using iTunes U as a learning platform. This came along with a flipped classroom model of teaching. At the time, this was rarely heard of in classrooms around the world, let alone in Lebanon. Our director, Michel Khoury, became an Apple Distinguished Educator as a result.

In 2017, we incorporated physical computing and coding instruction in all grades, as part of our core curriculum. Most schools in Lebanon offer this subject as an elective only. However, we see it as a necessity these days, and not an optional skill. That same year, we began using Google Classroom in addition to iTunes U, to give teachers more functionality options.
Up-to-date standards expected of any private school in Lebanon
As would be expected of any Lebanese school of our calibre, we also include:

The Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) standardized exam (provided by the NorthWest Evaluation Association).

Extracurricular activities for our kids during after-school hours, and on weekends.

Updated playgrounds and gym facilities.

Fine art, music and drama education.

Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) for those with mild learning difficulties.

We also saw the importance of psychological health in a child’s upbringing. So, today, we carry on mindfulness sessions for all our school grades. We continue to be early adopters of technologies and methods in the educational sphere.

Did you know we offer mindfulness classes starting in nursery?

Students at Eastwood learn and engage in mindfulness practices in forty-minute sessions twice a week with a certified mindfulness educator. Learn more about our new program.

Out of lunch ideas? Or too pressed for time? We've got healthy options for everyone.

Eastwood offers affordably priced, flexible meal plan packages to suit your family's needs throughout the academic year. We also have a cafeteria where students can purchase affordably priced simple sandwiches, healthy snacks, fruit juices, iced tea, and bottled water.

Coding + Tech Program: Integrated into our curriculum

Educational programs world-wide have been integrating computer programming in all levels of school curricula, but only a few schools offer a fully integrated Design and Technology program that not only teaches computer programming skills but also the entirety of the design cycle of a brand and product.

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