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Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQS)

How do you ensure students learn enough of each subject, while teaching them with the “transdisciplinary” method?
As a PYP curriculum executor, we operate with a lead coordinator, who ensures our teaching team is acting in unison with regards to lesson planning, learning progression and consistent assessments. We meet to discuss how the learning outcomes of our program can be acquired by the students. This includes a conversation on the balance of subjects being taught, which fall under a central theme we are exploring. We assess and reflect on the effectiveness of our methods. We will revise if we feel there is a need to ‘switch gears,’ or to put more emphasis on a certain subject.

During grade-level planning meetings, the teachers also plan collective field trips and discuss possible guest speakers we can invite to our school.

So, in addition to keeping a good balance of learning subjects, we know what the other classrooms and teachers are doing. And, we’re aware of what may be taught in future grades that children will enter into. This allows us to act as a school, and not as individuals. With this collaborative system, we are able to provide feedback to each other about what we’re teaching, and how.

Does your school offer extracurricular activities?
Yes! We do out-of-school activities, such as a yearly camping trip, starting in Grade 4 and until Grade 5.

We also have in-school activities organized by the P.E. department (such as gymnastics and football). These are in addition to the P.E. learning objectives taught in the regular school schedule.

Our after-school activities are designed for what the students want. We do our best to respond to their needs in this regard.

Are there graduation requirements to get past Grade 5 into the middle school program? If so, what are they?
Students must simply complete all Grade 5 learning outcomes to be able to enter into middle school at Eastwood International School, as well as complete the PYP exhibition requirements.

If my child was in a traditional or local elementary school before, will they be behind if they join the IB Primary Years Program?
Students from other programs will be able to catch up to the IB-PYP program. The PYP is not only a rigorous academic program it’s also a mindset of how students learn. Any student, whether coming from a French school background, an American program or typical Lebanese program is able to join our IB-PYP program, and we will support them however we can with their academics.

Do I have to wear a uniform?
Yes. But don’t worry, our uniforms are comfortable and cool. They are designed by our senior class and updated regularly. Parents are encouraged to purchase a uniform package once their child starts at Eastwood for the first time.
Coding + Tech Program: Integrated into our curriculum

Educational programs world-wide have been integrating computer programming in all levels of school curricula, but only a few schools offer a fully integrated Design and Technology program that not only teaches computer programming skills but also the entirety of the design cycle of a brand and product.

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