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How is the MYP programme
shaping life-long learners?

Approaches to learning (ATL) is a concept in MYP that permeates through all the subjects. Its purpose is to teach the students how to learn, become life-long learners, and to become responsible participants in their local and global communities.

MYP transcends the theoretical method of teaching of traditional schools and brings the knowledge taught in the classrooms to the real world. ATL skills must be integrated in the curriculum and explicitly or implicitly taught.
They include five categories which are extended to ten clusters, as follows:

Social: Collaboration
Self Management: Organization, Affective, Reflection
Research: Information Literacy, Media Literacy
Thinking: Critical Thinking, Creativity and Innovation, Transfer

What are the requirements to pass MYP?

Personal project,
service as action...

The core of the assessment in the MYP is the personal project which culminates the student’s learning experience. Each MYP year 5 (grade 10) student is mandated by the program to complete a personal project, which includes the creation of a product and the writing of a report that explains the whole process. The main idea is for the students to choose a subject of interest to them and that provides them with a challenge. To reach the aims of the personal project the students must fulfill its objectives: Investigating, Planning, Taking Action and Reflecting.

Each student will be supported by a supervisor, who is trained to provide the student with the necessary guidance and supervision to perform well. This project is corrected and moderated internally at the school and must also be externally corrected and moderated through IB to ensure fairness and to maintain quality.

This is the most important project that the student will be working on throughout the MYP program and reflects the accomplishments of the students and of the program itself.

MYP schools are required to provide students opportunities to fulfill the service as action requirements and learning outcomes which are directly linked to the IB learner profile attributes and ATL skills. It teaches them to collaborate with others, to persevere in order to achieve their goals and that is to help their local and global community. One very important part of service as action is to reflect ethically on how their actions affect their community.
•Direct service: the students are in direct contact with the beneficiary
•Indirect service: the students carry out action that benefits the community meanwhile without having any interaction with the beneficiary.
•Advocacy: Raising awareness through a campaign, play, a video etc…
•Research: Students collect information through varied sources, analyse data, and report on a topic of importance to influence policy or practice.

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) is a framework for teaching and learning, built around teachers’ judgment of student achievement against the criteria. To achieve Formal recognition of achievement for MYP, year 5 students have to sit for eAssessment.
To be eligible for eAssessment, the students need to have followed at least 6 MYP subjects for a duration of minimum 70 hours of teaching and learning per year in MYP4 and MYP5.
To get their MYP certificate students need to achieve successful results in:
•five on-screen examinations (one from each of four required subject groups: Mathematics, Sciences, Individuals and societies, Language and Literature, plus an interdisciplinary assessment)
•one ePortfolio from a course of study in language acquisition
•one ePortfolio from a course in physical and health education, arts or design
•the personal project.
•In addition, students must meet the school’s expectations for community service.

The students can achieve an MYP bilingual certificate by achieving successful results in one of the following:
•A second language and literature course (instead of a course in language acquisition)
•One (or more) science, individual and societies, or interdisciplinary examination(s) in a language other than the student’s chosen language and literature course
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